NOFIMA is a business oriented research institute working in research and development for the aquaculture, fisheries and food industries. We carry out research at an international level and develop solutions which can give a competitive edge throughout the value chain. Nofima has approximately 470 employees and an annual turnover of 58 million €.

NOFIMA conducts research and provides services within a range of topics, e.g. the following topics being relevant to this project: Consumer and Marketing Research, Processing Technology including effects of postharvest and processing conditions on sensory and microbiological quality and health-promoting constituents of fruit and vegetables, Food and Health, Consumer and Sensory Sciences, Food Safety and Quality and Raw Materials and Process Optimization.

The food safety and quality division of NOFIMA has both equipment and know how for all types of food and food – packaging related issues including pilot plant processing and packaging equipment. Both microbiological, chemical (volatiles and non-volatiles) and sensory related quality and safety aspects of packed food can be studied at NOFIMA.